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The days of healthy food 21-22.02.2015.

2015-02-dani-zdrave-hrane-280x100Shopping center Mall of Montenegro arranged, for the upcoming weekend, numerous interesting and useful manifestations for its visitors. We are awaiting already affirmed weekend manifestation "The days of healthy food" that will be organized by the Đokovic companyonce again. Few domestic associations of manufacturers and importers and distributers of healthy food will present their wealthily offer, as well as the organizations that make programs of healthy nutrition.


That's the way this manifestation is going to integrate around 30 exhibitors from the field of organic production of food, honey, olives and cereals, gluten free, and also dairy and other products.

Visitors will have a chance to taste exhibited products, to hear advice about healthy nutrition, as well as a chance to buy some of the products with a discount that can't be found in shops.

Manifestation also has a humanitarian character, so the exhibitors will donate packets form their offer of healthy nutrition to the children from the Public institution Center for children and young people "1. Jun", who will also visit to the Mall.
The goal of this manifestation is to introduce the local emporium with wide scope of homemade healthy products, and with the importers of this category of products, and to indicate the meaning of healthy food.

With a view to promotion of healthy styles of life, on Sunday at 10 am, on the second floor of Mall, there will be team contest in judo for children.

Also, on Saturday 21st of February at 10 am on the second floor of Mall, the association Pčelica will organize the contest in matching the Rubic cube for the youngest for which the sponsors supplied the sweetest gifts.

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