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Family week

Mall of Montenegro in cooperation with the partner company "Djokovic" is organizing the whole week event  „Family week“, which is dedicated to the needs and possibilities of contemporary Montenegrin families and issues of the importance to the family today. The event will take place from 25.10. to 02.11.2014.and it is composed of a severel promotions grouped by thematic days, with a lot of entertaining and educational contents, which will be interesting for each family. 


Fashion, care, health, which will be discussed on the first two days, will be the introduction to the day's of culinary, sports and fitness  and gardening and home decoration, until the end of the event, which will be spicy with scents of the best coffees and teas according to our tradition.


The first two days will be dedicated to everyday needs of the modern family and exhibitors will offer to the visitors everything that is necessary for each of us every day, starting whit clouts, fashion accessories, cosmetics, the offer of the family´s magazine, with which we are relaxing after a hard day's work . This ensemble would not be complete without a stand with an offer of travel, where we can select the destination for ourself and our family.


This two days of the event will be followed by a series of educational content, that touch the everyday worries and doubts lot of families, primarily referring to the problem manifesting different aspects of the crisis in the family, then about the organization of well spent free time with children, then more and more often need to protect the children from potential threats of the virtual communication, adopting children and how to help children with special needs.


Children really are the decoration of the world and we think that everyone who visits the casting for school-children, on Saturday 25.10. from 18h,  will really enjoy it.  At the same time, on Sunday, the small models will carry the models from the store Kids Land and urban hairstyles will be the work of the team hair and beauty studio "Zoran".


However, the house carries extra warmth if you can feel Odor of Family Kitchen, which is the name of the second thematic part of Family Week, which will be held on 27th and 28th October and it consolidate restaurant offer, with the possibility of tasting offered gourmand, than workshops of cakes and pastries and our Visitors will surely be attracted the type of production rolls on a traditional recipe and baked goods produced on an organic basis.

There is a workshop that will be held on Tuesday from 18 am  is chance for kids to have fun and learn something useful about healthy eating and food preparation, where they will make figurines out of a piece of fruit and acquiring new knowledge.


The constant race against the time requires from us to invest in the preservation of the psycho-physical forms, which has influence to the prevention of health problems, with adults and and children also. These are precisely topics for discussion of the third part of Family Week, entitled "Sport and Health", which will be held on Wednesday and exhibitors will present the sports equipment and offers of fitness clubs.


Our small models will round this pervasive issue whit the sport fashion show in 18h.


To feel comfortable and relaxed, among other things, also help us a beautifully decorated home and garden. The fourth thematic part "Gardening and home decor," with a range of unique furniture, garden furniture, paintings and objects which are made ​​in decoupage technique, lamps and small household appliances, will be held on 30th and 31st October.


Visitors can expect help from architects, for solving their dilemmas of home decoration, as well as the presentation and promotion of the companies in which you can have confidence when it is necessary to adequately design and edit your living or office area.


A chance to try out the increasingly popular decoupage technique will have visitors on Thursday, October 30 at 18h, through the workshop, which will be conducted by Mrs. Gordana Mirkovic.


At the end of the event on 01 and 02 November, all visitors will find something to their taste in the rich variety of manufacturers and importers in the field of herbs, teas and coffees. Coffee and tea festival brings the intoxicating aroma and tucked feeling at the thought of the morning coffee or afternoon tea.


We invite you to enjoy the rich variety of the event Family Week and to create a more beautiful and better everyday life together.


Family Day


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Health and Sports


Gardening and home decor


Festival of coffee and tea


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