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TOYLAND Bazar toys

2014-09-igrackoteka-280x100Toyland – the first toy bazar will take place this weekend at the shopping center Mall of Montenegro.  In cooperation with partners, the company “Djokovic” Ltd. and Educational Centre "Pcelica".  We have created the toyland as a combination of fun,  competition and learning.


In the exhibition part of the event, together whit your kids, you will be able to see the various offers of plush, plastic and wooden toys, educational equipment and decorative materials for birthday parties and a large selection of picture books and books aimed for  school age.


The most  attractive for our youngest visitors will be the models of cars, helicopters and airplanes, on the remote control, which children can test accompanied by a parent. Attention will surely attract our corner of robotics, which will be represented by the works of students of Mechanical Engineering in Podgorica: Rade Grujicic, Luka Grubiša, Ognjen Mijanovic and Yuriy Onisuk.  These young scientists will show the movie about making robots on their stand,  and also the parts of their performance in the competition held in Vienna.


Students of Elementary school "Stampar Makarije" during the event will offer their handmade toys and models and the money collected from this sale will go to a fund intended for the renovation and equipping of their sports hall.


Youngsters who enjoy collecting new knowledge, associating with cheerful clown and mascots, prizes, carefully selected for them, will be able to participate in creative and educational workshops that will be organized in the period from 10 to 13h on the second floor of the Mall.

On Saturday, in the period from 10h to 13h on the second floor of the Mall, it will be competition in stacking a Rubik's cube, and the most successful participant will receive a valuable prize, a gift from the organizers of the event. Upon completion of the competition, we have a fun and creative origami workshop. Through the techniques of Origami will lead you Nikolina Ćoso, student of 6.class elementary school “Miodrag Musa Burzan” which skillfully prepares objects 3D origami.


This Toyland, will offer kids a unique opportunity to exchange toys that are not so fun for some one news,  that will offer your peers.  Because of that, visit Square sharing toys and find your new favorite toy, in the period from 17 to 20h on the second floor.


The goal of the Toyland is to bring children in open relationships, competition and enjoy the joyful world of toys, where they will surely have a good time, but also learn a lot of useful information.



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